Python: 4 Books in 1: Beginner's Guide + Tips and Tricks + Best Practices + Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Python - Epub + Converted pdf

دانلود کتاب Python: 4 Books in 1: Beginner's Guide + Tips and Tricks + Best Practices + Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Python - Epub + Converted pdf

Author: Charlie Masterson

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Python: 4 Books in 1: Beginner's Guide + Tips and Tricks + Best Practices + Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Python by Charlie Masterson

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If you want to discover how to get started with the Python programming language to help advance your computer programming career in 2021, keep reading...


Do you want to know what Programming Language to learn that is highly in-demand this year and beyond?

Would you like to find out how to learn a simple yet powerful computer language that's behind the world's leading sites such as Google, Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify?


If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then this step-by-step guide on Python programming is for you.

Python has been widely acknowledged as the leading computer language to learn first if you want to carve out a successful programming career, and for a good reason.

It is also used in web development, software applications, and games. It also has a simple syntax that is easy to understand, and this makes it a great programming language to learn, especially if you are still a newbie.

The key is finding a handy guide that contains not only the essential topics but also advanced topics that would help you immensely in advancing your career.

This Massive 4 Book Bundle contains:

BOOK 1 - Python: Beginner's Guide to Programming Code with Python

BOOK 2- Python: Tips and Tricks to Programming Code with Python

BOOK 3 - Python: Best Practices to Programming Code with Python

BOOK 4 - Python: Advanced Guide to Programming Code with Python

In "Python 4 Books in 1", you're about to discover...

  • The Most Important Essentials of Python programming. Quickly pick up the language and start applying the concepts to any code that you write.

  • Significant facets of Python programming - including ideas you can use to *any* language

  • Various mechanics of Python programming: control flow, variables, lists/dictionaries, and classes – and why learning these core principles are essential to Python success

  • Object-oriented programming, its influence on today's popular computer languages, and why it matters... And much, much more!

You will also grasp Python's Best Practices and Tips & Tricks that will help you gain a competitive advantage in programming knowledge which includes:

  • How to make your computer interfaces stand out with Python

  • How to access modes of communication that every company needs to succeed

  • The best ways to layout Python code that will help you stand out as a programmer

  • Proven techniques that would make you a better programmer, opening up to career advancement opportunities by using these critical skills

And if it's that not enough, discover how to further your Python programming know-how with the Advanced section of the bundle that will guide you to:

  • The process on how to use constructs to build a sequence from another sequence

  • Learn how to use generator functions and iterator objects to make your code more efficient

  • Discover ways on how to simplify the syntax for calling higher-order functions

  • Learn how to write more effective Python code by managing your resources properly

  • Find out how to add managed attributes to objects

... And much, much more!

With easy-to-follow techniques and step-by-step details on each chapter to provide you in getting results - even if you have never tried Python programming before or or are still a beginner when it comes to Python programming, you will find actionable strategies in this book that are both simple and practical to help you program Python applications in no time.

So if you want to program with Python successfully for programming career success, simply click on the "Buy now with 1-click" button now to get started today.

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