Landscaping for Beginners: The Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Perfect Outdoorspace - Epub + Converted pdf

دانلود کتاب Landscaping for Beginners: The Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Perfect Outdoorspace - Epub + Converted pdf

Author: Landscape Design Academy

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Landscaping for Beginners: The Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Perfect Outdoorspace. Plan & Plant the Garden, Design the Patio and Build Your Favorite Walkways, Walls and Fountains

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Do you dream of building a beautiful garden where you can spend the most beautiful summer days? Can you imagine a place where you, your friends and family can get together and have a good time?

If yes, you have to keep reading.

The best landscape design depends on your home's appearance, together with your personal preferences and needs. Landscape gardening is one of the best available choices to turn your garden into a dream place and enhance your overall well-being. In the past, many people assumed that only the interiors required attention. However, growing numbers of people are now opting for landscape design ideas to offer a fresh and attractive look to their homes and gardens.

Landscaping is an inexpensive concept; you need to know how to do it, and this beginner's guide aims to provide you with all the basics about this creative and unusual practice. Knowing your garden specifics, which plants fit better in, and using the proper tools is the first and foremost key for a successful landscape gardening.

With a variety of landscape magazines offering excellent ideas for landscape design, there's no shortage of ideas. The internet is yet another information storehouse, as it offers fresh and fascinating ideas along with pictures showing the plan's outcome. Using these sources, you will know precisely what you want and put on paper specifics so you can work your way to complete your whole plan slowly.

You don't necessarily need the advice from a professional landscape architect. Still, he may help you eliminate from your design all the trouble areas and make sure you have a beautiful landscape plan. The landscape architect will also be able to include some beautiful and realistic, fresh ideas you haven't considered before.

This book covers the following topics:

- What landscaping and design basics are;

- The importance of landscaping design;

- Landscape gardening styles;

- Planning your site: climate and sun, soil and drainage, yard size;

- Tools and materials guide;

- Designing with plants: how to plant and combinate them;

- Patio projects;

- Backyard and front yard buildings: walkways, walls, and fountains.

And much more!

Your garden design should be suitable to fit your space, large or small. Creating the perfect elegant garden is a combination of plants and atmosphere. The atmosphere is the result of the entire project. I think you would agree that it is essential that you deserve a well thought out plan.

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  • ISBN-10 : 191404407X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1914044076

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