Introductory Algebra for College Students (8th Edition) [2021] - Original PDF

دانلود کتاب Introductory Algebra for College Students (8th Edition) [2021] - Original PDF

Author: Robert F. Blitzer

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Introductory Algebra for College Students By: Robert F. Blitzer

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For courses in Introductory Algebra.

This is the standalone 18-week access card for MyLab Math.


Gets them engaged. Keeps them engaged. 

Bob Blitzer’s  Developmental Algebra Series  shows developmental students at all levels how math applies to their daily lives and culture. Blitzer’s use of realistic, interesting applications instantly piques students’ curiosity about mathematical concepts in the world around them. These applications are apparent throughout the entire program – from his student-friendly examples, unique writing style, and thought-provoking features to the digital resources in the MyLab Math course. 


In this revision Blitzer updates his hallmark applications, pulling from topics that are relevant to college students – often from pop culture, the news, and everyday life – to ensure that they will actually use their learning resources to achieve success.


Personalize learning with MyLab Math


By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, MyLab Math personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student. 



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Ebook details:
عنوان: MyLab Math with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Introductory Algebra for College Students (18-Weeks) (8th Edition)
نویسنده: Blitzer, Robert F.
ناشر: Pearson; 8 edition (February 23, 2020)
زبان: English
شابک: 0136552013, 978-0136552017

9780136551720, 0136551726

9780136552017, 9780136552017, 0136552013, 9780136551720, 0136551726

ISBN-10: 0136551637
ISBN-13: 9780136551638

حجم: 78 Mb
فرمت: Original PDF

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۱- در صورت داشتن هرگونه مشکلی در پرداخت، لطفا با پشتیبانی تلگرام در ارتباط باشید.

۲- برای خرید محصولات لطفا به شماره محصول و عنوان دقت کنید.

۳- شما می توانید فایلها را روی نرم افزارهای مختلف اجرا کنید(هیچگونه کد یا قفلی روی فایلها وجود ندارد).

۴- بعد از خرید، محصول مورد نظر از صفحه محصول قابل دانلود خواهد بود همچنین به ایمیل شما ارسال می شود.

۵- در صورت وجود هر مشکلی در فرایند خرید با تماس بگیرید.